Project Description

Travel Tech Provider

Improving the customer experience for travel agents


In a highly competitive world, customer experience is king. A company’s relationship with its customers is about more than increasing product ratings or decreasing wait times. It’s about looking at the end-to-end experience, understanding the entire customer journey, exploring what customers have to go through, and working towards making the journey as simple, clear and efficient as possible.

Our client wanted to better understand the experience of their travel agent customers, identifying what the journey currently looks like and where improvements could be made.

Travel agents are a diverse bunch. From the one (wo)man band specialising in Halal travel to the multi-million pound luxury tour operator. We worked with the client upfront, using Stakeholder Workshops to create a framework for thinking about travel agents, plotting out where different typologies, experiences and expectations existed. The next challenge was reaching out to travel agents. Some had a very established and strong relationship with the client; others had a very new or highly commoditised relationship. We used a combination of telephone interviews and a one-day customer workshop, held in London’s Blue Fin building.

Our work provided a revealing insight into what it’s like to be a travel agent customer of our client, and blasted some of the fundamental beliefs previously held about this segment. Tactical recommendations on things like training and the service centre were structured around higher level organisational ambitions and values. The project really put customer experience back on the agenda, with leadership teams in the company threading the learnings and over-arching philosophy from the insight into their work.

Work has now started on the processes that sit behind the improvement points our study revealed, and a programme of on-going Customer Experience Workshops has been implemented.