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Customer Journey Mapping


A Customer Journey Map is a visual representation of every experience your customers have with you. It tells the story of a customer’s experience with your brand from the very first engagement through to, hopefully what becomes, a long-term relationship. Through the creation of Customer Journey Maps, brands can dissect where ‘blockages’ are happening, analyse why that’s the case and explore what needs to be done to remedy them. A great Customer Journey Map should help you build a holistic and seamless journey across touchpoints, so your customers can expect the same ‘on brand’ experiences, no matter how, when or why they engage with you.

Our client wanted to create a Customer Journey Map for one of their customer segments. The creation of the CJM was part of a wider shift to a more customer-experience focussed approach in the business and, if successful, would be rolled out across other customer segments.

First, we spent time with our client. We held Workshops and drop-in sessions over 3 days at their HQ. This was an opportunity for the teams to quiz us about Customer Journey Mapping, and also for us to gather the data that would help us create a loose framework for the CJM. Next came conversations with customers. We knew we needed to spend real time with customers – getting under the skin of how a customer experiences your brand isn’t something that can be done in a 30-minute telephone call. So we visited them. Targeting customers in India, the UK, the Netherlands and the US, we spent time in their business, talking to people at various levels in the organisation; people who were interacting with the client in different ways, for different reasons.

We didn’t waste time producing a lengthy powerpoint deck that, quite frankly, no one was going to read. We produced an interactive pdf. A Customer Journey Map visualising what our clients’ customers do, think and feel at every stage of the journey. Clickable parts of the map enabled the user to drill down into specific stages of the journey, or into specific touchpoints, to understand more. We conducted Workshops with internal teams to share the learnings and, crucially, figure out where improvements could be made. We delivered a portfolio of Action Plans by team and a summary of the study outcomes for top management.

The work was a great success. An on-going programme of Customer Journey Mapping is being implemented globally within the company.