Project Description

Save the Children

Better understanding and supporting fundraisers


Ever organised a charity auction? A bake sale? Fun run? Well, if you have, we salute you, because we know just how hard it is. And so do Save the Children. Fundraisers are a critical part of any charity’s eco-system, generating cash that is used to change the lives of those in need around the world. But the support they receive from charities can be, at best, misplaced, at worst, entirely lacking. Why is that? Maybe it’s because we don’t really understand who fundraisers are, or why they’re motivated to do what they do.

With ambitious goals to increase fundraisers and fundraising revenue, Save the Children wanted to better understand fundraisers, with the ultimate aim of exploring how they could help them do all the amazing things they do.

The first challenge was simply finding our fundraisers. Amazing people, leading busy lives – not the easiest to pin down for research! But, through a combination of depth interviews, a digital community and focus groups, we connected with about 50 fundraisers and benefitted from over 100 hours of ‘talk time’. We spoke to a really diverse bunch – from the uber-connected silent auction organiser, to the Gen-Z millennial doing it all online, to the community-focussed accounts manager just trying to get her company involved, you name it – we met them!

We identified 10 thematic insights, all supported by a mini movie with footage taken right from conversations with our fundraisers. We created a Fundraiser Journey Map to bring to life what fundraisers do, think and feel at every interaction with a charity. We took an, admittedly already funky venue, and made it look even more fabulous with materials designed to totally immerse our participants. And then we brought all of this insight and creative stimulus into a Workshop with Save the Children. Our insights fundamentally changed the way Save the Children look at their fundraisers, challenging the beliefs and preconceptions they’d previously held.

It’s still early days, but critical changes have already been made to the website as a result of our project. Bigger, more strategic changes are in the works. Most importantly, the insight lives on and the team draw back to the findings to support them across every aspect of their work.